Armies of Hillarys and Donalds have appeared on every corner! They’re desperate to appeal to voters like you. Find the nearest Hillary/Donald booth and send them your good vibes. This will make your candidate grow and the other one shrink. Stop the candidate you hate from getting too large and taking over the town! Install the app now and save the nation!
about is a collaborative project hub that is home to a set of tools for tracking real-time reactions to the 2016 U.S. presidential elections, developed by a team of researchers at Dartmouth College and UMass Lowell. The hub currently houses the following two projects, with more to follow:

  • HillaryDonald app allows users to register their approval or disapproval of live political content, based on technology, which uses a simple and intuitive interface to collect immediate reactions and audience feedback to live events. By shaking their cell phones users send their remote applause or boos which are then accumulated and visualized as a graph or map on Demographic information of users is also collected and displayed in real time. In addition to the ability to react to specific events of the election cycle, users are also able to react to the election in general, expressing their in-the-moment sentiment. This tool, React to the State of the Race, thus becomes a unique continuous real-time survey that measures the current pulse of the nation’s political sentiment.
project team
Mikhail Gronas (Dartmouth College)
Anna Rumshisky (UMass Lowell)
Joseph Bafumi (Dartmouth College)
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